Wednesday, August 25, 2010

High School Show: 2003

See below for titles and sizes.
This is an image from a show that I was part of during my senior year of high school. Five of my paintings are pictured, however one is blocked by that stripe of sunlight. Starting from top left: Camp: 2000, acrylic on Wood,  3'' by 4'' NOT FOR SALE; top next to camp: Abstract 1: 1996, acrylic on canvas board, 5'' by 7'' NOT FOR SALE; top blocked by sunlight: Amanda: 2002, oil on canvas board, 14'' by 10'' NOT FOR SALE; top and bottom right: Stuart Davis COPY (this was an art class exercise copying a favorite work of art.) NOT FOR SALE (org is in MFA Boston.); bottom left: Through the trees: 2001, acrylic on canvas, 20'' by 30'' NOT FOR SALE.

Sunrise Surprise

Sunrise Surprise: 2007, Acrylic on Canvas board, 16'' by 20'', $400

Untitled: 2006

Untitled, 2006: Acrylic on Canvas Board, 6' by 4', $2800
Yes, that does say 6 feet by 4 feet. This is a HUGE painting. I wanted to experiment with size but knew that it would be impossible to stretch a canvas that big or be able to transport it ever or at all. So if you look closely the painting is actually made up of different size canvas boards that when all fit together make up the entire painting. So this painting is move-able, transportable and installable.

Lady Walking

Lady Walking, 2006: Acrylic on Canvas, 16'' by 24'' SOLD

Cave Canem

Cave Canem, 2010: Acrylic on Canvas, 12'' by 12'' NOT FOR SALE
This is the beginning of a painting that I have promised my boyfriend. I thought I would record the process of this painting. As you can see the darker brown areas in this picture are still wet, I just stopped working. I like to usually work starting on a dry canvas, so I will do a layer, let it dry and then go back in and continue to layer over it. This may happen once or dozens of times until I feel that the painting is complete. Sometimes the complete painting does show the original layer and sometimes it comes out completely different. I did use some molding paste in the ochre to give it more texture.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Untitled: 2010

Untitled, 2010: Acrylic on Canvas, 30'' by 30'', $700

I've really been enjoying exploring new colors and this painting was once entirely silver. I used both silver and gold, in the picture they came out looking more tan than anything iridescent or sparkly. Right now I have this hanging in my room, and I love looking at it every morning.

Spider Web

Spider Web, 2010: Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas, 9'' by 10'', $300

This painting took me a long time to complete. I kept going back, covering over and layering. I think :) it's finally done. I love the way that the drips came out, the look and texture of this painting. I enjoy the almost eerie feeling that it gives with the stark white paint over layers of black and other colors.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Landscape COPY

Landscape COPY 2003: Oil on Canvas Board, NOT FOR SALE, 16'' by 20''
This was a school assignment and a copy/interpretation of another painting, therefore it is not for sale.

Stamp Collection

Stamp Collection 2003: Acrylic, Stamps & Glue on Canvas, $200, 8'' by 10''

As a child I collected stamps. Well... I made my parents go to stamp museums and post offices buying up bags and bags of old stamps (probably not worth any more than the paper they were printed on.) One day I was looking through my room and found a torn bag that exploded with stamps. I gave up pretty soon after I started on organizing and labeling my stamp collection, and ended up with this bag of stamps that was hidden in my bookcase. I love using mixed media in my paintings and the feeling of covering the old with new by using these stamps.

War Rising

War Rising 2004: Acrylic on Canvas, $250, 8'' by 10''
War Rising has been one of my favorite paintings of all time. It's traveled with me through a number of different apartments, and states. Each time I look at it I change my mind on how the painting should be viewed. Looking at this picture I think I need to turn it up-side-down. Check back for another picture of it flipped around. Good thing there are only four options, but I'm pretty sure that at one time or another up has been all of the four sides.

Underwater Birds

Water Study, 2005: Acrylic on Bristol Paper, $100, 9'' by 11''
Above is the pre-painting that I made to prepare for the final painting below. You can see similarities in the paintings, but each are unique, especially since they have a huge size difference. I also think they have a very different feeling to each of them.
Underwater Birds, 2005: Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD, 38'' by 32''

The Blues

The Blues, 2004: Acrylic on Bristol Paper; 9'' by 11'' $100


Bubbe, 2004: Acrylic; Wax on Canvas, $600, 15'' by 30''

There are always paintings underneath my paintings. Some I don't remember, but this one is vivid. It's giant black Hebrew letters that morphed into a beautifully delicate yet raw painting. If you look closely you can still see the ghosts of the block letters.


Breck, 2010: Acrylic & Watercolor on Canvas,  9'' by 12'' SOLD
This is my newest edition to my paintings, it's been a work in progress for years, and I finally found what felt right to me. The original painting on this canvas is watercolor, then covered over by molding paste and finally painted over with a few layers of acrylics.